Is stubbornness a bad thing?

Originally posted to on October 22, 2014

One of the features I dreamed of in GrandpaLyle’s Ark was truly modern technology. All of my iGadgets talking to each other and displaying on a flat-screen TV with surround sound and a power sub-woofer. Cool, eh?

All it would take was a trip to the toy store to pick out the components and have Scotty’s team install them in their special style. Still cool.

The first trip out, I fired up this fabulous new electronic suite and . . . nothing. All of the boxes lit up but no two worked together. My lack of homework reared its ugly head.

Google has the answer to all questions, right? Unfortunately, every answer I found started by telling me to connect the boxes to the internet. Good luck! The Ark can generate electricity, freeze water and make coffee, but plug into the internet in the boondocks? I didn’t have a thousand-mile-long cable or rolling hotspot. I was in a hole and still digging.

But I have a stubborn streak and it wouldn’t let me give up. No problem is a match for a mule willing to spend hours searching the internet and testing the ideas found there. And I was right. As I write this I’m listening to music from my iTunes library in surround sound while pictures from my iPhoto album are flashing across the big screen. Woohoo!

Who says stubbornness is a bad thing?

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