New Vegetable Garden

Last fall after watching Blue Zones, I was inspired to start a vegetable garden – something I’d never done in my more than 80 years.

Here’s the beginning:

The next step was deciding what to plant and where, using the Garden Planner app from The Farmer’s Almanac. The ground was still too cold for planting, but my imagination was running rampant:

Garlic and onions are hardy and went in the ground immediately. The rest wouldn’t stand up to frosty overnight temperatures. So I began indoors, starting everything except the strawberries from seeds.

I was beginning to feel parental – with a whole new family. On warm sunny days, my babies are allowed to play outside.

But if overnight temps are forecast below 40º, they have to sit by the window and soak up the sun from indoors.

Maybe this weekend they’ll move to their new home with the onions and garlic.

Related Images:

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