For our grandchildren, grasping our family is a daunting task. So on one of our Gria and Grandpa days, we had those who live here in Arkansas create a family tree. What you see above is Robbie’s work that got crumpled before we could record it for y’all. As you can see, it’s many limbs are rich with the ones we love.

  • This Is Your Life Edna Clapper

    A few weeks ago Marie and I attended a memorial service for my brother, Larry. His wife Gretchen arranged a small, but warm and wonderful gathering during which Marie and I reconnected with her and Larry’s kids.  The climax of the gathering was the chartered sailboat from which we spread his ashes and sweet rose petals ...
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  • Edna Clapper 1918-2004

    Edna Clapper 1918-2004
    As a Cub Scout den mother, Edna Clapper had a knack for turning everyday household throwaways into Transforming an empty bleach bottle into a piggy bank, dry-cleaning bags into a poodle, and burnt matchsticks into a cross were some of her creations to keep her Scouts busy each week. Edna hard at work in the early ...
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  • Pack-O-Fun backstory

    I was only ten years old when my parents, Edna and John Clapper, published the first issue of Pack-O-Fun magazine, but I can still recall some of their adventure. That they knew nothing of publishing is an understatement. * * * Dad’s family lived in Minnesota and had been hard hit by ...
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  • My GrandpaLyle

    Actually, we never called him that. He was always Grandpa Clapper. Just as my other grandfather was always Grandpa Nielsen.  Grandpa Clapper was a genius. Not just smart – a full blown genius. And if the stories about him are true, he was more than just a bit wacky. Like on his way to get married ...
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  • Craft Award to Clappers

    Craft Award to Clappers
    Acceptance of award by Lyle Clapper at annual dinner and awards banquet. Hobby Industry of America Lifetime Member Award This is a great honor from you who are creators of real wealth. Contrary to conventional wisdom, wealth is not money. Wealth is goods and services. Money is just a convenient scorekeeping medium for exchanging those valuable goods and ...
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