The Oak Ridge Boys

Originally posted to on October 24, 2014

Traveling alone as I do sometimes has advantages. Like when you want a last minute ticket to a show there’s often one available in the center of the fourth row. Woohoo! 

In only a couple hours the Oak Ridge Boys made me feel like we were friends having a great evening together. These dudes – all contemporaries – had a couple thousand of us clapping and singing along to their big hits like we were at a rock concert decades ago. Pure energy. 

The second set had to be delayed because, rather than opening the act with a bang, they casually returned to the stage like they were walking into your living room. Each star took time to personally greet and shake hands with anyone who came down – no exceptions.

Finally, Joe Bonsall announced that it was time to sing Elvira, which brought everyone to their feet. Of course we all joined in, singing “giddy up ba-oom papa oom papa mow mow.”

Realizing that I was witnessing a performance by veterans of the stage, at intermission I looked up their bios. Yes, they’re all about my age (three of them are younger), but the real treat was discovering that I share a birthday with Richard Sterban of “oom papa” fame. 

Funny thing about birthday twins – I immediately felt a certain kinship with Richard. Hmmm, I wonder if they’ll still be performing in a year and a half when I turn 75? What fun that would be.

How does one explain a quartet of seniors, who never need to lift another finger, performing night after night for a crowd of people they may never see again? I can’t. But I’m certainly glad they do.

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