Over the years, I’ve been blessed with numerous opportunities to step out of my comfort zone for what, to most, might seem like an insane adventure. Often having made such a commitment, I’ve cursed my temporary madness … but in retrospect, the only regrets I have are the times I allowed sanity to prevail.

  • A Mountaintop Experience

    A Mountaintop Experience
    Shortly after high school graduation, our son Jeff and a close friend proposed to their fathers an adventure. The four of us would have a father-son bonding experience leaving the modern world behind and following the path of the voyagers through what is now Quetico Provincial Park in Canada. Always ready for an adventure, I ...
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  • Am I lucky?

    Yes.  End of story? No. Last year the Intruder motorhome I bought kind of fell apart and earned the name In-Turd-er. Bad luck. Right? Not really. Over the next eight months, it was transformed into GrandpaLyle’s Ark. And I love the Ark. While the In-Turd-er was sidelined, I was fortunate enough to join a Solid Rock Carpenters trip to Guatemala where we ...
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  • OSH – World’s busiest airport

    OSH – World's busiest airport
    Originally published February 11, 2015 While tooling down the road in GrandpaLyle’s Ark, I thought of Bill Reyer, a dear friend who lives in New York, and how much I thought he would enjoy being on the road like I was. It wasn’t long after that that we talked and I shared these thoughts with him. We ...
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  • OSH-2 – World’s busiest airport

    OSH-2 – World's busiest airport
    Originally posted May 6, 2016 More than a year ago I posted part one of this story with the promise of “more to come.” But I never finished. Just a week ago Bill, my partner in the adventure, shared his version. He tells it better than I ever could. Thanks, Bill. Not only for the story, ...
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