Sharing 80 Years’ Accumulation of Stuff

When our youngest, Annie, was born, Marie recognized that being old parents left doubt that we’d be around to share our story with her. So Marie began publishing stories of our lives to give Annie – and a half million readers of our craft magazines – a way to know us a little better.

Nearly 30 years ago (when the World Wide Web was in its infancy) our company began sharing craft ideas on the site Clever were we! At the same time, we registered with no idea as to why – it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Some years later Annie’s brother, Jeff, seized the idea of creating a family sharing site at He posted some pictures and stories and invited the rest of us to join in. We didn’t.

More recently, I’ve been retired from just about everything I’ve loved (business, flying, sailing, motorhome wandering) except our family. Meanwhile, Jeff’s work has been lost and has collected internet dust. And this unused and empty URL has called out to me, “Time to continue Marie’s and Jeff’s work – this time for the third generation.”

So this is the third generation of . . . for the third generation of Clappers. I hope y’all enjoy it.


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