Pack-O-Fun Magazine on Donahue

For 55 years Pack-O-Fun Magazine provided America with low-cost ideas for every season and every reason. This was widely recognized and often as Christmas neared, shows sought to share our expertise with their viewers. In this clip from the Phil Donahue Show Marie shares timely ideas – it’s one of our favorites: Related Images:

Pack-O-Fun on TV

In the 80s and 90s Clapper Publishing ventured into television – with shows on both PBS and cable stations – and Pack-O-Fun magazine provided a natural source of material. Although the shows were well received and had a substantial following the costs were extremely high. About that time, the internet was blossoming and we concluded

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Pack-O-Fun debut

Build-A Products paid for groceries but little else. Mom and Dad, now in their early thirties, wanted to create something with a future. Mom had proven to be a guru full of ideas for turning empty boxes, egg cartons and plastic bottles into gifts, games and toys. Could they make a living from that? Yes.

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