The new Intruder

Originally posted to on March 24, 2014

Damon Intruder motorhome to become GrandpaLyle’s Ark

Last November, the 95 Damon Intruder motorhome I’d been driving for less than a year gave a sigh and died on an on-ramp. This knockout punch was landed less than a week after I made a typo naming it the Inturder. Though we laughed heartily, no one expected that to be a prophecy. Recovering from the downer, I came up with the idea of restoring its status to that of the Intruder and dubbing it GrandpaLyle’s Ark.

Maybe one day, I’ll put the whole story down. Right now I’m too excited about the new look to hold back any more. After some very creative work on the part of Sara Lim, a budding Chicago artist, and several exchanges back and forth, the design for the new Intruder is ready to go to Sign Artists. In just a few weeks, I hope to post pictures of the real thing.

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