The gauntlet is down.

Originally posted to on October 20, 2014

Last November, shortly after the Intruder was downgraded to the In-Turd-er, a crazy idea came to me. Rather than simply tooling around the USA in a broken down motorhome . . . or a more modern replacement . . . why not fix this one up. Make it colorful. Make it uniquely mine. GrandpaLyle’s Ark. Then, as I travel, share my experiences and insights.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I have plenty to say – some might say more than plenty. What most don’t know, and don’t believe when I say it, is that I’m shy. Ironically, I’ll happily hide behind a microphone in front of a roomful of people. But if I have to walk into a room filled with those same people and introduce myself one by one, I turn to jelly. I quickly grab an adult beverage then race to the farthest corner hoping I’ll see a friendly face with whom I can hide for the duration.

And when it comes to putting my ideas down on paper (electrons in this computer age), I’d rather clean closets. Someone might actually read what I’ve written and comment. And OMG, he or she might disagree!

Marie Clapper, producer of Saturday Morning Meeting

Thirty-eight years ago I was blessed with a new colleague, then friend and ultimately soulmate – Marie. To her a roomful of strangers is a roomful of friends she’s about to meet. Not only that, she’s a gifted writer – one who has been regularly published for decades. 

The only reason Marie has been able to tolerate my do-nothing behavior is that she’s been immersed in her own new career. However, after waiting nearly a year for me to begin posting to the empty blog, she could stand it no longer. Marie threw down the gauntlet. She dared me to get going.

I’ve picked up the gauntlet. This is my third day. Writing is still very difficult but getting easier, and I no longer shake when I click publish

Marie is a kind and supportive editor. Thanks to you, Marie, I’m doing what I really wanted to do all along.

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