Matt Nelson Piano 22020330

Matt Nelson Piano

Whenever asked about Matt Nelson‘s piano art, Marie and I go into auto-proud-parent-brag-mode – touting his global tours before tens of thousands with Lupe Fiasco, his appearances on the Ellen Degeneres and David Letterman TV shows, his jazz album’s rise to Billboard’s top ten list and on and on. If I’m lucky, I catch myself and realize that it’s Matt’s music, not my pride, that is the thing of beauty.

The reality is that I am unable turn away when he’s at a keyboard. And now we’re blessed to listen to him every Sunday as he plays for the services at the First United Methodist Church of Bentonville. Congregants who leave after responding, “Amen,” to the closing prayer miss his work. But we always stay until the last chord of the postlude fades.

Matt Nelson postlude at FUMC Bentonville, March 27, 2022

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