GrandpaLyle Day Care

Gria, Daddy, Mommy and Alice Mae

If Daddy Day Care sounds a bit iffy, then GrandpaLyle Day Care must be a place responsible parents would shun completely. Yet one day while Alice was still wearing three-cornered undies, all other options were gone. Her regular school was closed for the day and Mommy, Daddy and Gria all had day long meetings. The last resort was the only resort.

GrandpaLyle and Alice Mae

The day started out simply enough. Breakfast, play outside, play inside, change diap, morning nap. This is fun, I even have time for myself while she sleeps. Wakie, wakie, new diap, play some more, lunch, ready for afternoon nap. New diap, read some books . . . then reality strikes.


The sound of a blowout . . . the bouquet of a blowout . . . the look and feel of a blowout . . . in my lap. Cleanup is, well, it’s cleanup. The rest of the day in her new outfit is pretty much routine, but I’m no longer quite as casual about holding her in my lap. I don’t think either of us noticed or cared that her dress was inside out.

Alice Mae safely back in Mommy’s arms

When Brenda returned at day’s end Alice and I were back to reading. After hugs and kisses with her baby, she wanted to hear how things went. I tried to give an accurate account of the day’s events. Brenda listened attentively, but when I got to the blowout part she could no longer contain herself. Bursting out laughing, she admitted noticing Alice’s inside-out dress immediately. Then she kindly pointed out that modern diapers when properly installed do a pretty good job of containing the mess. However when put on backward they tend to leak. 

Brenda went on to say that she, too, had a wonderful day, knowing all the time that her precious little girl was safe and that was all that really mattered. I love you for that, Brenda.

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