• Pack-O-Fun on TV

    Pack-O-Fun on TV
    In the 80s and 90s Clapper Publishing ventured into television – with shows on both PBS and cable stations – and Pack-O-Fun magazine provided a natural source of material. Although the shows were well received and had a substantial following the costs were extremely high. About that time, the internet was blossoming and we concluded ...
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  • New Office for GrandpaLyle

    New Office for GrandpaLyle
    Ever since we moved here nearly four years ago, Marie and I have shared an office. It wasn’t much – a  table from Ikea about six feet long and a couple chairs along one wall in the guest room. Marie’s days were spent at the offices of 8th & Walton, Jeff’s company. I occasionally needed ...
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  • Edna Clapper 1918-2004

    Edna Clapper 1918-2004
    As a Cub Scout den mother, Edna Clapper had a knack for turning everyday household throwaways into Transforming an empty bleach bottle into a piggy bank, dry-cleaning bags into a poodle, and burnt matchsticks into a cross were some of her creations to keep her Scouts busy each week. Edna hard at work in the early ...
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  • Pack-O-Fun backstory

    I was only ten years old when my parents, Edna and John Clapper, published the first issue of Pack-O-Fun magazine, but I can still recall some of their adventure. That they knew nothing of publishing is an understatement. * * * Dad’s family lived in Minnesota and had been hard hit by ...
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  • Pack-O-Fun debut

    Pack-O-Fun debut
    Build-A Products paid for groceries but little else. Mom and Dad, now in their early thirties, wanted to create something with a future. Mom had proven to be a guru full of ideas for turning empty boxes, egg cartons and plastic bottles into gifts, games and toys. Could they make a living from that? Yes. A ...
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