• Cookies … or Caca?

    Cookies ... or Caca?
    Are they cookies or caca? Ever wonder how web developers coined the term cookies? Nearly 40 years ago, as Marie and I were expecting our first child together, we were enjoying a family dinner with her and my children. In a rare moment of family unity, they shared curiosity about what this new baby would be ...
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  • Decision Makers

    The following was written for our colleagues at Clapper Publishing Company but could relate to just about anyone in any role in life. A husband once boasted that he made all of the big decisions in his family. His teenage son quipped, “Yeah, like how to solve the national debt, and what to do about the ...
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  • 20 Questions … about Lyle Clapper!

    Since surprising me on my 50th birthday, Marie has successfully made me feel like a king every five years – without fail. On my 65th she had everyone at the gathering play a game. Here it is . . . along with my answers: Celebrity Status 1. Lyle emceed an auction which raised over $150,000 for AIDS ...
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  • Don’t give up too easily

    Originally posted to ontheroadagainagain.com on February 27, 2014 Some days it pays to get up. And to get going. And some days it pays to keep going even after you screw up. This morning was one of those. My day was perfectly planned: Work out, garbage out, breakfast, etc. By step two I was screwed.  Normally trash would ...
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  • Ya gotta be out there.

    Ya gotta be out there.
    Originally posted to ontheroadagainagain.com on October 18, 2014 It’s a beautiful fall day at Ha Ha Tonka State Park in central Missouri. Fall colors are nearly perfect. I’m on a hike with two friends, Pete and Bill. I met Bill yesterday; Pete I’ve known most of my life. They each have a camera with a 12″ ...
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