For our grandchildren, grasping our family is a daunting task. So on one of our Gria and Grandpa days, we had those who live here in Arkansas create a family tree. What you see above is Robbie’s work that got crumpled before we could record it for y’all. As you can see, it’s many limbs are rich with the ones we love.

  • Three flyers on 9/11

    Three flyers on 9/11
    For most, Tuesday, September 11, 2001 began as an ordinary day. * * * My first student of the day was Bryan. An excellent student, he had become familiar with procedures at Palwaukee so when it was time to land I had him call the tower for instructions. That was the end ...
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  • Our dream house

    Our dream house
    The year was 2002 and we found the home of our dreams. The house sat on a half acre, directly across the street from the country club. The rooms were not numerous, but they were large and wonderful. The master suite included a complete kitchen, his and hers bathrooms, and walk-in closets – in hers, ...
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  • GrandpaLyle Day Care

    Gria, Daddy, Mommy and Alice Mae If Daddy Day Care sounds a bit iffy, then GrandpaLyle Day Care must be a place responsible parents would shun completely. Yet one day while Alice was still wearing three-cornered undies, all other options were gone. Her regular school was closed for the day and Mommy, Daddy and Gria all ...
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  • Ghost of the In-turd-er

    Ghost of the In-turd-er
    On the road again…again!
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  • The gauntlet is down.

    The gauntlet is down.
    Originally posted to on October 20, 2014 Last November, shortly after the Intruder was downgraded to the In-Turd-er, a crazy idea came to me. Rather than simply tooling around the USA in a broken down motorhome . . . or a more modern replacement . . . why not fix this one up. Make it ...
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