Marie entered our marriage with two children, both of whom had their father’s last name – Petersen. To save them the angst of having a mother with a name different than theirs, she continued to use her first married name. Made perfect sense.

Shortly after we were married, she was pregnant with our first child together and in preparation for his birth we attended a Lamaze class together. The application called for last name first so she entered Petersen, Marie and Clapper, Lyle.

The teacher was much sharper in Lamaze technique than form reading. She created name tags for Marie Petersen and Clapperlyle Petersen. I’ve been Clapperlyle ever since.

On these pages you’ll find Clapperlyle’s stories: growing up, making a buck, travels, passions, adventures, etc. The things that make me who I am. I hope you find some amusement in them.

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